Way of Working Teambuilding

In the intake meeting we make an analysis where your team is, and what is a sound approach for bringing the team further.

Depending on how far the team has come with respect to self-analysis, a start can be made with an integral analysis which maps out both the cultural as well as the structural side of the team. Also it will beome clear on which level of development the team functions (value levels of Spiral Dynamics). If the purpose of the team is not clear for the members, this can be made clear by an organisational analysis (based upon integral theory). If it is needed the evolutionary purpose can be clarified. If it fits with the analysis to move to self-management, then there are various methods to make this work.

As indicated above, for team building the following tools can be made to work for you: Enneagram, self-management, Lencioni, Theory U, Spiral Dynamics, and/or Reinventing Organisations.

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