Way of Working Coaching

First we establish your Coaching Objectives 

First we will establish your coaching objectives. Next in each coaching session we focus on the issue you are concerned with at that point in time. The basis for the coaching is the coaching method (what triggers you, how do you do that, what is your benefit, what is your loss, for further reading please look at reactive pattern (#LINK)).  Apart from this I have mastered various techniques which I can apply in liaison with you. Also the enneagram (#Link) can serve as way to find out together which core survival patterns / behaviours you have adopted. This is a proven way to find out what is behind your behaviour. But also once your type is clear, in what way to transform these. By making new choices, closer to your essence, you get more energy. This helps you to be successful and breakthrough in whatever you were stuck in or were troubled by. Other techniques are Voice Dialogue (#Link) and systemic work to get to a deeper insight in why you display certain behaviour.   

Sometimes, the problem is more fundamental than behaviours: you are not entirely, or possibly not at all, passionate or happy with what you do on a daily basis. It does not give you energy, or might even completely suck the energy out of you.


Full of energy

The question that arises then is how you can get back into your energy. The question will then be who you are underneath all those behaviours, what is your essence, what is it you are passionate about? Investigating this, can bring you to your mission. This you can then make concrete in your vision (what does this mean for your life). This translates into a hierarchy of what is more and what is less important in your life (hierarchy). The challenge will then to live your vision. A higher energy level will follow with that. It sounds, and is in essence, simple, but it is not easy… There are a number of methods to try and bring forward your passion and then your vision.

your dream

Once you have your vision and know what you want, the challenge is to make it real, make it happen. In that case Coaching from dreaming to realising your full potential (#LINK) could work for you. For me it became clear at some point that I wanted to become a coach (as well). My vision was clear. Yeti t took quite a while before I actually brought my coaching business live next to my career within the bank and conquer all the mechanisms that came up to undermine the realisation of my vision. There are effective ways using Integral Theory, to make you conscious of the area in which your resistance manifest themselves. This helps to bringing your dream into the world: I do now what I dreamt of…!

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