Should I go left or right?

Clarity in what direction to take!

HOw do I choose?


Sometimes you have these choices which are really hard. You want to know should I go left or right! Voice Dialogue can support you in that.

Voice Dialogue is a method which is meant as a method aimed at self knowledge and transformation. It is a method which helps you to gain insight in which forces are at work inside of you. This is done by engaging in a dialogue with the various ‘voices’ inside you. These belong to the various parts of our personality. It is a way to make clear what is happening inside of you. This might sound a bit hazy, however it works very easy and in my experience everyone can do this.

In my experience, after voice dialogue coachees have a lot of clarity whether indeed to go left or right.

But voice dialogue will work also for other matters! It is interesting to see, that although oftentimes you consciously want to change, this does not always work in practice (e.g. lose weight, drink less alcohol, go home in time ….etc). When this is the case, voice dialogue can help by bringing to the light those parts in you that really do not want to change at all. To get this insight, can support you in really change and transform, as these parts will no longer unconsciously sabotage all your well-meant initiatives to change.


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