Restore Trust

Possibly you are assigned to a new team, or you are a new manager on an existing team. 

The team is not running smooth and you want to bring it to a level of trust that makes team members work together smoothly? People get irritated too much and have continuous non-functional discussions. Are you ready to change that?

Conditional to success is that trust is the root cause, if you are not convinced then I recommend an organisational analysis first, this can be done quickly. 

You have assessed as root cause, that there is not sufficient trust in the team as well as a lack of good cooperation. As Lencioni indicates (see Link Lencioni#): the root cause for a lack of trust is that team members do not show their weaknesses: showing vulnerability and be open. This will cost the team a lot of time and energy, because it takes time and energy time to defend yourself or to prevent a possible (feared) attack (covering your neck, not daring to ask questions, not taking a position).


In this case a one or two day training Enneagram is very effective. Each team member will get to know him or herself better, but also each other in a relaxed and fun way. Each and every one will become more visible. From the trust that results from this, the team will be able to cooperate better. It will be clearer why certain team members find it challenging to work with each other, or why they can actually work together very well.

 Also for you as manager, and for the team, it is interesting which enneagram-types are missing in your team and which ones are highly (or over-)represented.   

Self-knowledge and mutual trust 

After the initial session, it is important to follow up the search for self-knowledge and the building on mutual trust . Whilst facilitating a team in a large corporate, many team members were inspired and motivated to dive deeper into the various descriptions of the enneagram to figure out how they ticked. This resulted in more and more self-knowledge.

Self-development and team development 

The follow up can become more effective and give more energy if it gets direction: how can each team member bring his or her strong points to bear in achieving the team goals and the vision of where the team wants to be next year?  As next step it is key to embed this focus in the daily operations or functioning of the team.  Finally, the Enneagram can offer input for further development of the team members; and in this way contributes to the development of the team as a whole.

 Conditional to success, is that lack of trust is really the root cause. If you are not really convinced of this, then I would recommend to start with an analysis.

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