My anger does not work for me!

Harmony in your working relationships

(anger release)

My anger does not work for me

Sometimes anger does not work for you. You respond too rash to a colleague or employee (but can also be your partner, kid or friend), or you are just very angry but do not do anything (!). what you want to know then is what your anger is really about, and how you can respond in an adequate effective way going forward.

Anger Release session

With an anger release session, and additional  deep  coaching sessions on the underlying issue(s), many coachees have been helped. This can really be life changing. As it usually filters down in all relationships (in some you may express anger, in some you may suppress it which can be just as damaging).

 Life changing – anger management

Anger in our western society is not an emotion we are proud of. At the same time, the way Mondo Zen looks at it, is that anger is just an emotion. And an emotion is just information. So the challenge is to get the information out of the emotion and then act with a response that is effective. However, this is not the whole story, as there are also underlying deeper issues, usually originated earlier in life. So this is the second level on which we need to work. Combined it is really life changing.



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