I am not vocal enough

Decisive at work, ready for the next step!

You become visible, you take position and you draw the line when this is right. This can support you in the next step in your career.  

If you walk out of a meeting, it comes to y ou what you had actually wanted to say.  You had a position / a view regarding the subjects on the agenda, but you were not able to position this strongly or decisively enough. Better luck next time?

That’s possible.

But it is not likely to change all by itself in the next meeting. Especially not, by just having the intention to more clearly state your view or position. It is probably not the first time you intended to do this differently, you had these thoughts before.


I had the same

I acknowledged this myself, and also received this as feedback from a.o. my manager. I did not take position, I was not visible enough. Frustrated I intended to be more assertive next time. To do this or that, and to say this or that… and after a next meeting I had a very similar feeling: I had wanted to put forward my view more strongly… I do not get that feedback anymore.

What helped me,

as in the basis an introvert manager, is deep effective coaching. This resulted in surprising insights. Like the discovery that part of me wanted to be rid of ‘taking no position’, but at the same time another part held on to this habit as it also had benefits: I could not get it wrong….there would be no conflict (so, no position no conflict on that position). This had become a habit, my reactive pattern.  I had come quite a long way with that pattern, but now it stopped me from taking the next step in my development and career.


These days I am more relaxed in my work, also in important meetings. . It is easier for me to take a position in Project Boards or other committees, and contribute more naturally to the success of my team.   Coaching helped me to transform my introvert reactive pattern. I became global manager in a large bank, and also in the Dutch Central Bank and PricewaterhouseCoopers I became more and more visible as myself.  

This is what I can do for you

Would you like to experience the amount of energy with which you can take the next steps in your career? As coach I help you to feel the freedom to show yourself, including your views. To get into contact with your power and vigour to take a position vis-a-vis others and in this way grow as human, professional and manager. Not only to move to the next step in your career, but perhaps more importantly unleash your full potential and be (even) happier as a human being.

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