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Krijgsman Coaching – Maarssen
Supports expats to be ‘you’ in large corporates.

You are an expat professional or manager in one of the largest and most successful companies in The Netherlands or the world. Congratulations! Moving forward well with your career and being successful at it! To what extent do you give up some of ‘you’ or your values to fit in the corporate structure?  How you can be (…or become) yourself in such a huge organisation?  Being your self authentically can help you grow towards the next level, and moreover you become (even more) happy in the process. Expat coaching will support you in this.

Do you recognise this?

Do you sometimes walk away after a meeting feeling that you did not say what really mattered to you or to the organisation? Frustrating?
As an expat you left your home country and you feel neither completely at home in The Netherlands, nor do you really belong in your home country at the moment. Did you move here because it attracted you, or did you (also) at some level try to get away from something by leaving your home country?
You feel you cannot really be yourself. Sometimes you are annoyed but do not express it, sometimes you express it but not effectively (too hard, too soft, or to the wrong person).

This is what I can do for you!

Expat Coaching

Not vocal enough

If you are not vocal enough in meetings, that can be addressed! I support you in drawing the line (‘what do I say No to?’), setting the agenda (‘what do I want to achieve’?), and state a clear view or position (‘am I in favour or against’). This will succeed if we investigate together which response patterns you have become used to. You learn to recognise them and get the opportunity to make different choices.

Not at home

If you do not feel at home in The Netherlands, nor in your home country it is clear you can’t resolve this by keeping moving around. You need to address it with a different approach. You probably tried to get away from something within you. I can help you find out what that is, e.g. via voice dialogue.  ‘Why am I doing the things I am doing?’ Knowing what underlies this, via expat coaching will allow change.

Irritation or anger

If your anger does not work for you, it can be you are too harsh or too soft expressing it in your professional (or personal) relationships . We can access the information which underlie your emotions with an anger release session.  Then we can deal with what is deeper below and you can respond differently to deepen the relationships with people that matter to you.  Many coachees call this life changing!


For each of this issues, I use various methods and techniques such as the anger release session, Voice Dialogue, Breaking through your reactive patterns (Coaching Method), and Mastering personal relationships (Mondo Zen) and the Enneagram. If you want to know more about these methods, please check out the methods page.



My team does not operate smoothly!

Have you just been assigned to a new team as an (expat) manager and you notice that it is not the easy flowing effective unity that you want it to be?

Apart from individual coaching, I support teams in their development by getting the members to get to know themselves and each other on a deeper level. This way they learn to trust each other better, which helps the team in becoming more effective (I refer to Lencioni).  For this purpose I use mostly the Enneagram, but can also use Laloux, Theory U, Spiral Dynamics and if applicable self-management techniques. Please read further under Restore trust.

My name is Jan-Willem Krijgsman,

in all modesty a smart ambitious initially introvert manager. In my coaching business in Maarssen (near Amsterdam) I support managers and professionals to be more authentically visible and audible in large organisations. To be or become more themselves in a large corporate culture. If you recognise yourself in the above, then I would really like to help you forward. My own professional career played out mostly in large consultancy firms or large financial institutions as professional and as manager. Therefore I can be a coach or sparring partner, fully aware of the environment in which you work.

What others say about me

‘It takes not only good energy vibe from the part of the coach, but especially the great skill to actively listen and ask the right questions at the right time. Although his interventions were critical to my introspection, at no time during our talk did I feel I was interrupted, barged in by someone external, when I was exploring my deepest feelings and emotions. Jan Willem has a perfect blend of these qualities. The session with him helped me find answers and regain the joy that should always be available in all of us. It was a refreshing and beautiful introspection, for which I’m highly grateful.’  Rabobank Compliance Officer
‘One session with you is more effective than ten with my psychologist’ Rabobank Risk Officer
‘What I find highly impressive about the coaching sessions is the fact that they could be used for simple goals (e.g. reduce anger, express self at work) or deeper objectives (e.g. what is anger, am I in control of it) or for pure realisation (who am I and what are my emotions)’ ING treasury 

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