About me

My mission is to support you on the path towards fulfilling your full potential 

 My vision is to inspire you as a coach, and to support you in gaining insights in yourself to enable you to be completely visible in who you are and consciously fulfil your potential.

During my career I noticed that I found supporting people individually the most satisfying. I realised I was enthused by contributing to the happiness of people. That is why I became certified coach via IMC Coaching (www.mensontwikkeling.nl) and am active as coach since then.


I graduated as a Master in Business Administration (Erasmus University Rotterdam), having sat a.o. on the Board of a Students association. After my studies I first did ‘highly important’ stuff such as milking cows in a kibbutz in Israel and I was teacher in English and French on a school in Ngogwe, Uganda. After this I become RA (dutch equivalent of CPA/CA) in one of the biggest firms in accountancy and consultancy (PwC). And then became (senior) Regulator at De Nederlandsche Bank, finally to become manager in the biggest bank of The Netherlands (Rabobank). Because working in teams in a professional environment is also one of my great passions, I am also dedicated to delivering projects in Rabobank, next to my coaching business in Maarssen.


My roles have always been that of a Professional, Senior or Manager in large complex organisations in an international setting, or a global role. Therefore, I know the environment of professionals and expats very well. In my own development I have made the huge step from someone who in first instance has the tendency to keep his thoughts to himself, into someone who takes clear positions and communicates clearly and powerfully when I deem that necessary and effective.. This has resulted in becoming a global manager, with directly or indirectly some 75 fte reporting to me. Also with time I have learned to show more and more of myself, which was sometimes a struggle, but also results in a much happier person at work, then I used to be!


Apart from working in large Corporates, I invested a huge amount of time in personal growth. Not just competencies, but in the words of Ken Wilber both ‘growing up’ as ‘waking up’. ‘Growing up’ is about becoming aware of your own patterns, and dealing with the underlying emotions if they do not work for you. And ‘waking up’ is about developing the ability to be aware. This is about literally waking up in what is.

 I am really enthusiastic about, and very good in supporting people in their process to ‘grow up’ and also in  ‘waking up’ as I really want everyone to have this level of success and happiness. In my coaching I focus on people with a work-related growth objective. Ultimately, I want to contribute that you become conscious of the way you tick, are able to see your patterns, and become able to choose consciously to use them or not. So that you become a happier person and more effective in reaching you goals at the same time!

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